BuxP Review

BuxP is a trusted PTC/GPT (Get-Paid-To) site. It is also very one of those you love it/you hate it types of sites, with lots of positive sides and as much negative sides to it. The biggest problems with it are payments, which minimums are quite high for AlertPay and insanely high for PayPal, also the waiting time for payouts is incredibly long. It’s pay per click is also rather low and the amount of ads has dropped significantly in the past year. However, the site seems to be working great for the admin and there are no signs of it closing or going to scam…. whether the low PPC, high minimum payout and long waiting time for payments are worth the time, is yours to decide.

Facts (Standard members):

Payment processors: Payza, PayPal (with restrictions)
Payment time: 30 business days
Minimum cashout: $7.99 ($25 for PayPal)
Further requirements for cashout: minimum 150 clicks
Online since: 2008
Member count: 275 000+
Ads per day: 5+
PPC (Pay Per Click): $0.001-$0.006
Direct referral limit: Unlimited
Further requirements for direct referrals: None
Referral renting: No
Referral buying: Yes
Rented referral limit: -
Bought referral price per 1 referral: $1-$1.5 (1 costs $1.5, when buying packs the price per one is lower)
Income from referrals: 50%
Recycling a referral: $0.2
Extending a referral: -
Further requirements for bought referrals: Cannot be bought with account balance (only via Payza or PayPal)
Cost of an upgrade (per year): $49.99
Forum: Yes


Unlimited direct referrals
Trusted PTC site
Offers, surveys, GPT offers and video ads to earn extra
Sign up bonus $0.05
Cheap advertising helps to ensure it’s ability to continue profitable operating
Decent referral earnings
Sales commissions from referrals (7.5%)


Referrals cannot be bought via Account Balance
Low amount of PTC ads
High minimum payout (especially for PayPal users)
Long waiting time for payouts